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Human Resource Development Division


Mr N. Jugmohunsing

Deputy Permanent Secretary

Level 6, Sicom Building 2, 
Port Louis, Mauritius

Tel No  : (230) 405 5411

Fax No : (230) 212 4168

Email   : 



Human Resource Development Division,

Level 6, Sicom Building 2,

​Port Louis​, Mauritius

Phone:   405  4100

Fax:       212  4168

E-mail:  ​​


The Ministry of Public Service, Administrative and Institutional Reforms has​ been vested with the responsibility for training of public officers.


​In line with the mandate of the Government and the mission of the Ministry, we pledge to:


ensure that the right training is given to the right person at the right ​time;

​​build a culture of competence and create an impetus for excellence by way of continuous training of officers;

​update the knowledge and skills of officers in accordance with the current  trends in order to meet requirements of the fast-ch​anging ​environment.​

Activities Performed


​Funding of various training programmes such as Courses​​ under Capacity Building and Capability Development Programme

​​•  Courses under Capacity Building and Capability                      Development  Programme

​​•  Induction courses for public officers of General Services          Cadre

​​•  Award courses

​​•​  Sponsorship for post graduate courses

Processing of training programmes under bilateral agreements
​Training Overseas under Technical Assistance Programme.

​​ ​ ​


Civil Service College, Mauritius

The Civil Service College, Mauritius (CSCM) is a MQA registered training institution accredited to provide training and development programmes to public officers of Ministries, Local Authorities, Parastatal Bodies and State-Owned Enterprises. It is fully functional since November 2015. Its main objective is to meet the demand for training for employees of public sector organizations, including implementation of high level management development programmes. The training programmes are mounted and delivered to meet the needs of staff at all hierarchical levels.


The CSCM is also expected to organize seminars/workshops at both local and regional level and in partnership with regional and international institutions. The medium to long term expectation of the College is to develop into a regional centre of excellence in public sector management and governance.​

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Mr N. Jugmohunsing
Deputy Permanent Secretary
Level 6, Sicom Building 2, 
Port Louis, Mauritius
Tel No  : (230) 405 5411
​Fax No : (230) 212 4168
Email   : 

Assisted by:

Mr. M. Seebaluck
Office Management Executive, 
Level 4, Sicom Building 2, 
Port Louis, Mauritius
Tel No  : (230) 405 5400
Fax No : (230) 212 4124
Email   : 

Technical Assistance Programming Section (TAPS)


Technical Assistance Programming Section is responsible for the processing of nominations of public officers for overseas training courses/workshops/ seminars.


This unit aims at ensuring judicious use of training offers received under technical assistance programmes from friendly countries and international donor agencies.  Public Officers are nominated to follow overseas training accordingly to the relevancy of the training programme.


To guide and assist all Ministries/Departments in complying with the established procedures and protocols for overseas training.​



Process training offers received from International Org​anizations and ​donor countries


​ Invite nomination of suitable candidates from Ministries/Departments


Process nominations for approval​


Inform International Organizations and donor countries through the appropriate diplomatic channel.


 Application Form (ABE-SDGs)

 University List of ABE (for Applicants)

 Univesity List of SDGS (for ​  Applicants)

​​Circular Letter No 41 of 2016 - Nominations for Overseas Training /Seminars/Workshops/Study Tours

Circular Letter No 10 of 2017- Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Developm​ent

Note: contents of this circular is subject to any update by the Ministry of Finance, Economic Development and Planning.  

It is recommended that you do liaise with above ministry for latest information​.

​​Circular Letter No 56 of 2017-
Nominations for Overseas Training/ Seminar/Workshop/Study Tours

Circular Letter No 62 of 2017-
Nomination for Overseas Training /Seminar/Workshop/Study Tour

​Circular Letter No 59 of 2018 -
Nomination for Overseas Training/
Seminar/ Workshop/ Study Tour

Survey and Undertaking Form


Civil Service Library and Documentation Unit

The mission of the library is to provide modern, efficient and quality library services, responsive to the needs of public officers.

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