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Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms A professional public service committed to excellence

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Mission and Vision

Our Vision
A professional public service committed to excellence.
Our Mission

To instill a culture of excellence by:

  • ​​Being a driver and facilitator of change and innovation for the Civil Service;
  • Spearheading administrative reforms to enable the delivery of timely and quality services;
  • Facilitating the continuous professional development and growth of human resources in the Civil Service;
  • Supporting the creation of the necessary conditions and a conducive work environment to inspire and improve the morale of Public Officers;
  • Promoting an ethical culture and accountability in the Civil Service.

Reports and Publications

Protocol on Heavy Rainfall ​​

in the Civil Service

Survey July 2016​

CustomerSatisfactionSurvey-July2016-COVER.JPGComments of the Civil
Status Division​

PRB Report 2016​​

Addendum Report 2016

PSEA 2016  

Code of Ethics

​​Customer Charter


​​Handbook for the Drafting of Schemes
of Service

New DraftingofScheme.jpg
Guidelines for the elaboration of Customer Charter 2016
Update Newsletter

​​Registry Manual
Computerised Registry System)

Annual Report 2016/2017