Address by Mr K. Ponnusamy, Senior Chief Executive, Ministry of Civil Service Affairs & Administrative Reforms on the occasion of the Award Ceremony of the MS ISO 9001:2000 Certificate to the Central Information System Division
Date: Thursday 22 April 2004

Time: 1100 hours

Venue: La Petite Cannelle, Domaine Les Pailles
Hon. Minister of Civil Service Affairs & Administrative Reforms
Hon. Minister of Information technology & Telecommunications
Colleague Heads of Ministry/Department
Chairman, Standards Bureau Council
The Manager, CISD
Distinguished Guests
Ladies & Gentlemen
It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to this morning function. We are organising this Ceremony for the award of the M5 ISO-9001:2000 Certificate to the Central Information System Division.
Let me right from the start congratulate very warmly Mr Joomaye, Manager of the Central Information System Division and his entire team for their wonderful achievement and formally welcome the CISD as the 11th member to the newly-created Public Service Quality Association.
The Ministry of Civil Service Affairs & Administrative Reforms is proud whenever one of the Government departments and parastatal bodies achieves excellence in a particular field. Each success whether from small, medium or big organisation is significant and meaningful because when we look at the broad picture we find the Civil Service on constant move, be it in the field of Standardisation, Quality, Gemba Kaisen, and other areas of Public Service Reforms.
In addition to expressing our appreciation to the entire team of the CISD and the MAB team, the idea behind the celebration of this event is to invite other Ministries, Departments to follow suite and not to miss the train heading for the Quality journey.
In brief comments contained in the first issue of ISO Focus, magazine of the International Organisation for Standardization, the ISO Secretary-General, Mr Alan Bryden observed "Voluntary standards are the modern way to address the complexity and globalisation of issues which characterise our world as it moves in the 21st century.
The way standards are developed enables wide participation based on transparent processes. The need to associate all interested stakeholders and the shift from national to international standards makes the added value of the ISO system particularly relevant to face the challenges of our times."
It is really a blessing that our Public Officers are exposed to International Standards. This is unfortunately not the case with the majority of our colleagues in Africa. The recent statistics published by ISO have shown that the percentage of organisations on the African continent which have ISO certification is indeed very negligible. This trend should necessarily be reversed.
There is no doubt that if our Public Service continues with full commitment and dedication on the path of professionalism by measuring itself constantly and without any complex with that of developed countries, we would serve as a model to Africa and other developing countries.
Another leap forward is the synergy that we can create between Public and Private Sector organisations which are ISO certified. We are happy to see the number growing year after year. This will definitely be conducive for a strong and effective Public/Private partnership in a wide array of activities. I believe that there are tremendous challenges which our Public Officers can take up. I am sure that we can lead the way.
I once again offer my heartfelt congratulations to the CISD and invite Mr Joomaye to address the gathering.