Address of Hon. A.S. Jeewah, Minister of Civil Service Affairs and Administrative Reforms on the occasion of the Launching Ceremony of the Public Sector Collaborative Research Grant Scheme on Thursday 10 March, 2005 at 10 30 hrs on the 7th Floor New Government Centre, Port Louis.
Mr Ponnusamy, Senior Chief Executive of my Ministry,
Prof. Boojedhur, Chairman of the Mauritius Research Council ,
Dr Suddhoo, Executive Director of the Mauritius Research Council,
Distinguished Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am very pleased to be in your midst this morning for the official launching of the Public Sector Collaborative Research Grant Scheme. Indeed, such a scheme has become a necessity as it would strengthen the Public Service to face the numerous challenges.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
The role of Government and the environment in which the Public Service operates are changing dramatically, especially in the context of global interdependence, the information and communication technology revolution and the rising expectations of the public to be more involved in the discussions and decisions affecting them.
Hence, the need to respond to these imperatives by bringing in new knowledge for the sustainability of the Public Service.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
My Ministry has spared no efforts in its quest for excellence in the delivery of timely and quality services to the public. The initiatives adopted such as the implementation of Gemba Kaizen in 24 organisations and 13 ISO certified public sector organisations, have proved to be very fruitful in the promotion of a quality culture in the public service. My Ministry has also laid much emphasis on the training of public officers in order to constitute an adequate qualified workforce to sustain the reform movement.
The launching of the Public Sector Collaborative Research Grant Scheme is yet another testimony of my Ministry's intention to consolidate the reforms initiative already underway. In an era of high customer expectations for quality services and products, there is an urgent need to build research capacity for the development and promotion of local research in areas such as Flexitime, Performance Management, Leadership, Motivation, Quality Management and Human Resource Management & Development to meet these demands.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I have no doubt that this scheme will go a long way towards creating the institutional environment which can assist the Public Service in the formulation of solutions to local problems tailored to the needs of the modern Mauritius Public Service. The scheme will definitely boost the image of our Public Service.
I hereby make a strong appeal to all public sector institutions and researchers to undertake research to bring improvements as well as breakthrough innovations to sharpen the efficiency and effectiveness of the Public Sector.
I am confident that public officers and public institutions will seize this opportunity which will also bring remedies and solutions to address changes operating within the landscape of the public service in addition to the self-development of public officers.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I would like to thank the Chairman, the Director of the Mauritius Research Council and the staff for their full support and contribution in this laudable initiative. I am sure that the partnership between my Ministry and the MRC will go a long way in the promotion of research in the public service. In a few minutes, my Ministry and the MRC will sign a Memorandum of Understanding which will provide a framework of collaboration between our two institutions.
I have now the great pleasure to launch the Public Sector Collaborative Research Grant Scheme. It is my earnest hope that public sector researchers maximize on such opportunities to promote Research and Development in the Public Service. With the implementation of the Scheme we shall be able to create a network of researchers in our Public Service and they will, in turn, link up with fellow researchers in other Public Services not only in the African region but also in other parts of the world.
Thanking you for your kind attention.