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Nursing Group

​Aids Education Nurse [Restyled Specialised Aids Nurse]
​Analyst--Senior Analyst (Health) (formerly Health Economist)
Blood Bank Assistant
​Blood Bank Officer
Charge Nurse (Female)
Charge Nurse (Male)
Charge Nurse (Psychiatric) (Female)
Charge Nurse (Psychiatric) (Male)
Chief Midwife (formerly Principal Community Midwife)
​Chief Nursing Officer (Restyled Director, Nursing
Deputy Chief Nursing Officer (Restyled Deputy Director, Nursing)
Epidemiologist--Senior Epidemiologist
​Haemodialysis Officer
​Haemodialysis Supervisor
​Head, School of Nursing
Health Care Assistant (General)
Health Care Assistant(Haemodialysis)
​Midwife Educator
Nurse Educator
Nursing Administrator (Female)
Nursing Administrator (Male)
​Nursing Officer (male and female)
​Nursing Officer (Psychiatric)
Nursing Supervisor (Female)
​Nursing Supervisor (Male)
Occupational Therapy Assistant
Permanencier [Restlyed Permanencier--Senior Permanencier]
Physiotherapy Assistant
​Principal Midwife​
Principal Nurse Educator
Principal Permanencier
Principal Public Health Nursing Officer(formerly Principal Community Health Nursing Officer)
Public Health Nursing Officer
Regional Nursing Administrator
Senior Blood Bank Officer
Senior Charge Nurse (Female) [Restyled Ward Manager (Female)]
Senior Charge Nurse (Male) [Restyled Ward Manager (Male)]
Senior Midwife Educator
Senior Midwife (on shift)​​
Senior Nurse Educator
Senior Occupational Therapy Assistant
Senior Physiotherapy Assistant
Senior Public Health Nursing Officer (formerly Senior Community Health Nursing Officer)
​Senior Specialised Nurse
Senior Specialised Nurse(Diabetes)​
Senior--Principal Health Economist
Specialised Health Care Assistant
Specialised Nurse (Diabetes Foot Care)
Specialised Nurse(Diabetes)
Specialised Nurse
​Student Midwife
​Student Nurse
Ward Manager (Psychiatric)(Female)
​Ward Manager (Psychiatric)(Male)