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Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms A professional public service committed to excellence

Ambulance Care Attendant (shift)
Ambulance Driver (Shift)
Attendant (Hospital Services shift)
Bio-Medical Engineering Technician
​Blood Bank Officer
Catering Supervisor​
Charge Nurse (Female)
​Charge Nurse (Male)
Communication Officer
Community Health Care Officer​
Community Health Nursing Officer
Community Health Rehabilitation Officer
​Community Midwife
Community Physician
​Cook (on roster)
Dental Assistant​
Dental Surgeon--Senior Dental Surgeon
​E.C.G Technician
​Head, Catering Unit
Health Care Assistant (General)
​Health Director
Inspector (Health and Food Safety)
​Health Records Clerk / Higher Health Records Clerk
Health Records Officer​
Hospital Administrative Assistant
​Hospital Administrator
​Incinerator Operator
Health Laboratory Attendant
Laundry Attendant (on roster)
​Linen Officer
​Medical and Health Officer/Senior Medical and Health Officer
Medical Imaging Assistant
Medical Imaging Technologist
Medical Laboratory Technologist / Senior Medical Laboratory Technologist
​Mortuary Attendant
Nursing Administrator (Female)
Nursing Administrator (Male)
​Nursing Officer
Nursing Supervisor (Female)​
​Nursing Supervisor (Male)
​Nutritionist/Senior Nutritionist​
Pharmacist/ Senior Pharmacist
Pharmacy Technician
Pharmacy Stores Manager
Physiotherapy Assistant​
Principal Health Inspector
Principal Pharmacy Technician
Radiographic Assistant [Restyled]
Senior Community Midwife
Senior Dent​al Assistant​
Senior Health Inspector
​Senior Hospital Care Assistant (Shift)
​Senior Health Records Clerk
Senior Pharmacy Technician
Senior Medical  Imaging Assistant
Senior Medical Imaging Technologist
Specialised Nurse
Specialist--Senior Specialist
Student Medical Imaging Technologist​
Student Medical Laboratory Technician
​Student Midwife
Student Nurse
Student Pharmacy Technician
Supervisor--Senior Supervisor (Female)
Trainee Inspector (Health and Food Safety)
Ward Manager (Female)
​Ward Manager (Male)