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Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms>Medical Laboratory and Radiography

Medical Laboratory and Radiography

Assistant Instrument Curator (Restyled Surgical Technologist)
​Assistant Medical Laboratory Technician
Assistant Orthopaedic Technician
​Blood Donor Organiser (Restyled Blood Donor Co-ordinator)
​Chief Medical Imaging Technologist (formerly Chief Radiographer)
Chief Medical Laboratory Technician
​Chief Occupational Therapist
​Chief Physiotherapist
Chief Speech Therapist and Audiologist
​Dental Technician
​E.C.G Technician (Female)
​E.C.G Technician (Male)
​E.C.G Technician
​E.E.G Technician
Senior Surgical Technologist
​Medical Imaging Technologist
Medical Laboratory Technologist/Senior Medical Laboratory Technologist
Medical Social Worker [Restyled Medical Social Worker/Senior Medical Social Worker]
Nuclear Medicine Technologist​
Occupational Therapist/Senior Occupational Therapist​​
​Ophthalmic Optician-Senior Ophthalmic Optician​
Orthopaedic Technician​
​Physiotherapist--Senior Physiotherapist​
​Principal Medical Imaging Technologist (formerly Principal Radiographer)​
​Principal Medical Laboratory Technician​
Senior E.C.G Technician (Female)​
Senior E.C.G Technician (Male)​
Senior E.E.G Technician​
Senior Medical Imaging Technologist (formerly Senior Radiographer)​
​Senior Medical Laboratory Technician​
Senior Medical Social Worker (Restyled Principal Medical Social Worker)​
Senior Nuclear Medicine Technologist​
​Senior Speech Therapist and Audiologist​
Senior Speech and Hearing Therapy Assistant
​Speech and Hearing Therapy Assistant​
Speech Therapist and Audiologist​
​Student Medical Imaging Technologist (formerly Student Radiographer)​
Student Medical Laboratory Technician​
​Student Radiation Therapist​
Superintendent, Orthopaedic Appliances Workshop​
​Superintendent, Surgical Technology Workshop​
Trainee Assistant Orthopaedic Technician​
Trainee Speech and Hearing Therapy Assistant​