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Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms A professional public service committed to excellence

Medical Auxiliaries

Clinical Assistant
Community Health Care Officer
Community Health Development Motivator
Community Health Development Organiser
Community Health Rehabilitation Officer
Dental Assistant​
​Field Health Worker
​Health Promotion Co-ordinator​
​Health Surveillance Officer
Linen Officer
Medical Imaging Assistant(on shift) [formerly Radiographic Assistant (on shift)]
Motivator (Family Planning)
Motivator(Community Health)
Principal Community Health Care Officer
Principal Dental Assistant​
​Principal Field Worker (Restyled Principal Health Surveillance Officer)
Principal Medical Imaging Assistant​
Principal Supervisor (Female) Family Planning
Principal Technical Officer (Chemical Laboratory)
Project Co-ordinator (AIDS)
Radiographic Assistant(Restyled Medical Imaging Assistant (Personal))
Rodent Control Assistant Supervisor {Restyled Assistant Supervisor, Rodent Control]
Rodent Control Attendant
Rodent Control Supervisor [Restyled Supervisor, Rodent Control]
​Senior Community Health Care Officer
Senior Community Health Development Motivator
Senior Dental Assistant​
Senior Field Worker (Restyled Senior Health Surveillance Officer)
Senior Linen Room Officer
Senior Medical Imaging Assistant​
Senior Medical Imaging Assistant (on shift)​
​Senior Radiographic Assistant
Senior Supervisor, Rodent Control
Senior Technical Officer (Chemical Laboratory)
Supervisor (Female)(Family Planning) [Restyled Supervisor--Senior Supervisor]
Supervisor, Community Health Rehabilitation Officer
​Ward Assistant (Male and Female)
Welfare Assistant (Psychiatry) [Restyled Psychiatry Rehabilitation and Welfare Assistant]