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Events 2001

Events Date


Training course for 282 officers providing Direct Counter Services held at the University of Technology by Mr. M. Mahalingam, Adviser in Public Service Reforms

05 November 2001
Presentation of Gemba Kaizen Principles to Supervising Officers of Ministries/Departments by Mr. J. Murthy, Regional Director of Kaizen Institute, (Africa) (NPCC Consultant) 26 September 2001
Training of Trainers Course to Management Audit Bureau Facilitators on ISO 9000:2000, by Mr. S. Shanmugam, Malaysian Managing Director, QPIC Consultants (at the University of Technology) 10 September 2001
Official Presentation of the Action Plan 2001-2003: “Towards the modernisation of the Public Service” in Sir Harilal Vaghjee Hall, Government House, Port Louis. 28 August 2001
Visit of the Official Delegation from Nigeria - welcome by the Minister of Civil Service Affairs and Administrative Reforms 16 August 2001
Training of 232 officers involved in ISO Project at Arrival Lounge of SSR International Airport by Management Audit Bureau staff (at the University of Technology) 01 August 2001
Opening of a Culinary Exhibition oraganised by the Public Officers’ Welfare Council in Sir Harilal Vaghjee Hall, Government Centre, Port Louis. 30 May 2001
In-House Workshop – Definition of Vision and Mission of the Ministry of Civil Service Affairs and Administrative Reforms and formulation of a 3-Year Action Plan 21 April 2001
Meeting between Supervising Officers/Heads of Department and Adviser in Public Service Reforms at Domaine Les Pailles. 07 April 2001
Working Session at the Ministry of Finance, Government House, Port Louis for the Visit of Official Delegation from the People’s Republic of China. 24 March 2001