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Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms>Establishment Proposals-Recurrent Budget 2006-2007

Establishment Proposals-Recurrent Budget 2006-2007

Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms
08 December 2005
Circular Note  No 51  of 2005
E/160/2/44 V4
From:     Senior Chief Executive, Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms
To:         Supervising Officers i/c Ministries and Departments
Establishment Proposals – Recurrent Budget 2006/2007
            Ministries and Departments are invited to submit their Establishment Proposals for financial year 2006/2007.
2. You will appreciate that determining the human resource of an organisation is an important management function which should involve all officers having managerial and supervisory roles and responsibilities in the organisation. A proper examination of needs should be carried out before your submissions are forwarded to this Ministry. In addition, proposals for the filling of existing vacancies should be submitted only if there is an urgent need for filling these posts.
3. You may wish to note that the scope for creation of new or additional posts is very limited. Any proposal should be examined critically and should comply with the guidelines set out in the annex. You should ensure that:
(i) careful consideration has been given to the possibilities listed at paragraph 2(d) of the annex; and
(ii) they are within the ceiling set out by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development.
4. Your proposals, together with a list of the number of vacancies in existing grades, new and additional posts required, should be submitted to this Ministry on the appropriate Establishment Forms, and on the format at Appendices. Appendices should be reproduced and diskettes forwarded to this Ministry by Wednesday 18 January 2006 at latest. Proposals for posts in the Personnel Cadre should be submitted separately to the Director, Human Resource Management by the same date.
5. The guidelines annexed to this Circular along with the Appendices may be downloaded from this Ministry’s Internet address at
6. Consultations with the different Ministries/Departments will, thereafter, be held at the level of the Ministry prior to the Estimates Committee of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development.
7. Your attention is drawn to the fact that submissions received after the above mentioned date will not be entertained.
                                                                                                                           (R. Mudhoo)
                                                                                                                   Senior Chief Executive
 Copy to:  Secretary to Cabinet and Head of the Civil Service
               Financial Secretary