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Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms A professional public service committed to excellence

Civil Aviation

​Aerodrome Licensing Officer
Aeronautical Communications Engineer (Restyled as Engineer [CNS])
​Aeronautical Information Officer
​Aeronautical Information Supervisor
Aeronautical Radio Supervisor
​Air Traffic Control Officer
​Air Traffic Control Supervisor
​Air Traffic Services Standards Officer
Airworthiness Engineer (Restyled as Engineer [Airworthiness - Air Frame -Power Plant])
Airworthiness Inspector
​Airworthiness Surveyor
​Aviation Security Officer
​Aviation Security--Facilitation Inspector
Aviation Security--Facilitation Officer
​Chief Officer (Aviation Security--Facilitation)
​Chief Officer
​Chief Tradesman (Civil Aviation)
Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Officer (Restyled as Engineer [CNS])
Deputy Director of Civil Aviation
​Director of Civil Aviation
​Divisional Head
​Driver (on shift)
​Electrician (on shift)
​Flight Data Officer
​Flight Operations Inspector
​Gangman (Restyled as Field Supervisor)
Maintenance Officer (Communication, Navigation and Surveillance)​
Maintenance Superintendent​
Maintenance Supervisor (Communication, Navigation and Surveillance)​
​Mandatory Occurrence Reporting Officer
​Personnel Licensing Assistant
​Personnel Licensing Officer
​Plant Room Operator
​Principal Aviation Security Officer
​Principal Engineer (Airworthiness) (Restyled as Divisional Head [Airworthiness])
Sanitary Attendant (on shift)​
​Senior Aeronautical Information Officer
​Senior Aviation Security Officer
​Senior Flight Data Officer
​Senior Maintenance Officer (Communication, Navigation and Surveillance)​
​Station Officer​
​Supervisor (Rigging)
Technician (Communication, Navigation and Surveillance)
​Telephone Supervisor (Restyled as Aviation Telephone Supervisor)
Telephonist (Restyled as Aviation Telephonist)
​Trainee Air Traffic Control Officer
​Trainee Airworthiness Inspector
Trainee Aviation Security--Facilitation Officer
Trainee Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Officer
​Trainee Engineer (Aeronautical Communications)
​Trainee Engineer (Airworthiness)
Trainee Engineer (Electrical Engineering)
​Trainee Technician (Communication, Navigation and Surveillance)
Warehouseman (Restyled as Stores Attendant)
​Workshop Assistant