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Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms>United Nations University Fellowship 2007/2008

United Nations University Fellowship 2007/2008

20 September, 2006
Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms
Circular Letter No 35 of 2006
From: Supervising Officer, Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms
To: Supervising Officers in charge of Ministries/Departments
United NationsUniversityFellowship 2007/2008
The University of Geneva has developed an International Organisations MBA (IOMBA) Programme to meet the demand of global managers and to enable professionals to pursue careers in the increasingly interconnected fields of international governmental and non-governmental organizations.
2. The programme aims to enhance the development of sound management policies and practices in the public sector of selected developing countries by training mid-career professionals who are then expected to apply and disseminate their newly acquired knowledge and skills in promoting the socio-economic development of their own and other developing countries.
3. The curriculum of this MBA programme is structured into three broad sections:
(i) “The Global Context and Social Underpinning of International and Nongovernmental Organisations”, which sets out the political, economic and a legal environment within which the multilateral organization operate;
(ii) “The Business Underpinning of International and Nongovernmental Organsiation”, which takes students through traditional MBA subjects ranging from strategic planning through marketing and donor relations to microeconomics and the management of resources; and
(iii) “Managing and Leading in an International Environment: from Theory to Practice”, which turns to the unique world of multilateral institution, both governmental and nongovernmental leading participants to acquire the conceptual tools and how-to skills that will enable them to meet the management communications and organisational challenges specific to the international milieu.
4. The United Nations University (UNU), in line with its capacity-development focus, is offering two UNU fellowships for the 2007/2008 IOMBA intake. Moreover, the University of Geneva and its partners will be offering several scholarships to outstanding students accepted into the 2007/2008 International Organisations MBA programme.
5. The date limit for the submission of applications, to be forwarded directly to UNU, is 30 September, 2006. Additional information on the programme is available on either the website of this Ministry, or at Information on the application process and the application form are available on website
6. It would be appreciated if the contents of this circular could be brought to the attention of qualified officers of your Ministry/Department.
(P. Jhugroo)
Supervising Officer
Copy to:-
Secretary to Cabinet and Head of the Civil Service