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Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms>Training at L’Ecole Nationale D’Administration , France (2006/ 2007)

Training at L’Ecole Nationale D’Administration , France (2006/ 2007)

Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms
Circular Letter No 3 of 2006
E/73/10/01/01V 6
10 January, 2006
From: Senior Chief Executive, Ministry of Civil Service & AR
To: Supervising Officers i/c Ministry/Department
Sub: Training at L’Ecole Nationale D’Administration, France (2006/ 2007)
L’Ecole Nationale D’Administration (L’ENA) in Paris, France, will run the following courses in Public Administration and Management in 2006/2007:
Course Title


Applicants’ Profile

1. Le Cycle “International Long”
18 months as from December 2006
Young Graduates of less than 35 years of age, embracing a new career in the public service.
2. Le Cycle “International Court”
9 months as from November 2006
Experienced Public officers, aged 30 years and above.
3. Le Cycle “International d’Administration Publique”
6½ months as from May 2006
Public officers aged 25 and above and who wish to upgrade their qualifications in the field of “Administration et Institutions”
2. The objectives of the courses are to provide high-level training in public management and also to provide opportunities to public administrators to enhance their knowledge and skills, to share experience with their counterparts from other countries and to expand their working capacity. The website address may be consulted for further information.
3. Applications are invited from Officers of the Administrative Cadre who satisfy the following criteria laid down by L’ENA:
·         be a degree holder;
·         have an excellent and fluent command of the French language (both spoken and written); and
·         have a good knowledge of the cultural and political background of the French and European Institutions
4. The selected candidate will be required to enter into a bond in accordance with provisions laid down in the personnel Management Manual.
5. After successful completion of the training programme the officers should actively contribute towards implementation of policies and achievement of organisational objectives. Moreover, the candidate should impart the knowledge and experience acquired to other Public Officers through training programmes run by this Ministry or other Government Institutions.
6. I should be grateful if this circular could be brought to the notice of officers of the Administrative Cadre serving in your Ministry. Officers who are interested to follow the course are requested to fill in, in duplicate, the enclosed application form. One copy should be channeled through you so as to reach this Ministry by noon on Friday20 January 2006. The second copy should be submitted directly to the following address:
The Senior Chief Executive,
Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms,
Attn: Mr. T. Appadu, Principal Assistant Secretary,
Human Resource Development Division,
4 th Floor, Atom House,
Royal Road, Port Louis
Tel: 208 7626 Fax: 208 7632
7. This circular letter together with the nomination form are also available on the website of the Ministry at the following address:
(R. Mudhoo)
Senior Chief Executive