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Pool of Trainers/Resource Persons

Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms
Circular Letter No. 13 of 2006
31 March, 2006
From: Supervising Officer
To: Supervising Officers i/c Ministries/ Departments
Pool of Trainers/Resource Persons
One of the main objectives of this Ministry is to facilitate the development of human resources and enhancement of competencies to enable public officers to improve their performance and provide a quality service to the public. In this context, the Human Resource Development Division of this Ministry has the responsibility to organize training programmes for public officers, including those in the General Services grades.
2. The success of any training programme depends, to a large extent, on the availability of a pool of qualified Trainers/Resource Persons. This Ministry is, therefore, carrying out an exercise to reconstitute and update the pool of Trainers/Resource Persons from among public officers who wish to assist in the mounting and delivering training courses.
3. Trainers/Resource Persons should, besides holding the relevant qualifications, have the following qualities and aptitudes:
  1. leadership skills;
  2. effective interpersonal and communication skills;
  3. good listening abilities;
  4. an outgoing personality; and
  5. willingness to work in team.
4. An indicative list of training programmes, as recommended in the Report of the Training Needs Assessment prepared by this Ministry, is enclosed for your information.
5. Public Officers willing to serve as Trainer/Resource Person are kindly requested to submit their applications by filling in the enclosed enrolment form. Those who have previously applied should submit fresh applications along with an updated curriculum vitae.
6. The enrolment form, duly filled, should be transmitted through your Ministry/Department, so as to reach this Ministry at latest by Friday 28 April, 2006 at the following address:
The Supervising Officer,
Ministry of Civil Service & Administrative Reforms
(Attn: Mr. T. Appadu),
Human Resource Development Division,
3rd Floor, Atom House,
Royal Street,
Port Louis
(P. Jhugroo)
Supervising Officer