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Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms>Annexes to Circular Letter No 38 of 2017

Annexes to Circular Letter No 38 of 2017

1 Master Program in Public Policy​
2 Master of Public Administration in Chinese Governance​
3 International Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy​
​4 International Master of Business Administration​
5 International Executive Master of Business Administration​
6 Master Program of Public Diplomacy​
7 Master of Project Management​
8 Master Programs of Urban and Rural Planning (Urban Planning and Design)​
9 Master of Professional Accounting Program​ 
10 International Program of Master of Social Work in "Women's Leadership and Social Development"​
11 Master Programs in Traffic and Transportation Engineering (Railway Operation and Management)​
12 Rail Transit Electrification and Information Technology Master's Program​
13 Master's Degree Program in Transportation Engineering​
14 Master on Comparative Education Program​
15 Master of Educational Management​
16 Master of Chinese Economy​
17 Master Program in International Business​
18 Master Program in Fishery Science​
19 Master of Environmental Engineering​
20 Master's Program in Forest Economics and Policy​
21 International Master Program in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development​
22 Master Program in Information and Communication Engineering​ 
23 Master Program in software Engineering​
24 Master of Advanced Nursing Practice and Medical Technology in Developing Countries​
25 Master of Public Health​
26 Master of Industrial Engineering​
27 Master of Electrical Engineering​
28 Master of Auditing Program​