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Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms A professional public service committed to excellence


Agricultural Assistant

Agricultural Support Officer/Senior Agricultural Support Officer

Driver (Ordinary Vehicles up to 5tons)                          

Field Assistant

Field Supervisor​​

Fitter (Agro)


Forklift Driver (Agro)


General Development Worker (formerly Senior Warehouse Operative - Ex-Tobacco Board)​

General Development Worker (formerly Tobacco Grader - Ex-Tobacco Board)

General Development Worker (formerly Warehouse Operative - Ex-Tobacco Board)

General Development Worker (formerly Warehouse Worker - Ex-Tobacco Board)

General Worker/Gardener (Ex SPI)

Hatchery Operator

Head Gardener-Nurseryman

Head Survey Field Worker

Herbarium Officer (Ex SPI)

Incinerator Operator​

Insecticide Sprayer Operator

Irrigation Operator​

Laboratory Attendant (Ex SPI)

Laboratory Auxiliary​

Laboratory Technologist

Lorry Loader


Motor Mechanic​ 

Office Attendant (Ex-Tobacco Board)

Office Attendant (Ex SPI)

Officer-in-Charge, NAPRO

Operator, Pumping Station

Oza Printer [Restyled Plan Printing Operator)

Panel Beater

Painter (Agro)

Plant and Equipment Operator​

Scientific Officer