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Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms A professional public service committed to excellence

Conditions of Service Unit

Conditions of Service (Unit 1)


The Unit is responsible for:

(a) Providing advice on:

- The interpretation and implementation of rules and regulations pertaining to Human Resources issues;

- Formulation of policies pertaining to terms and conditions of employment in the Civil Service and;

- Correct application of the existing rules, regulations, policies, and PRB recommendations to ensure fairness, consistency and equity across the Civil Service.


(b) Processing of requests in matters relating to the following:

- Appointment/promotion

- Salary

- Increment/Incremental credits/HQL

- Public Service Pension

- Leave and Passages

- Disciplinary matters

- Contract Employment

- Retirement Benefits/Pension Reforms for Public Sector

- Statutory Boards and Committees

- Civil Service Family Protection Scheme

- Hours of Work

- Electronic Attendance System (HR Issues)​​​​


 Content Editor


Mrs S. Millien

Manager, Human Resources

Sicom Building 2,

Port Louis, Mauritius

Tel:       (230) 405 4133



Assisted by:

Mrs S Gunesie

Assistant Manager, Human Resources

Sicom Building 2,

Port Louis, Mauritius

Tel:        (230) 405 4135