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Errors & Anomalies: Civil Service



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1. Office of the President
2. Office of the Vice-President
3. The Judiciary
4. National Assembly
5. National Audit Office
6. Public and Disciplined Forces Service Commissions
7. Ombudsman's Office
8. Electoral Boundaries Commission and Electoral Supervisory
9. Electoral Commissioner's Office
10. Employment Relations Tribunal
11. Equal Opportunities Tribunal
12. Local Government Service Commission
13. Ombudsperson for Children's Office
14. Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions
15. Prime Minister's Office
Office of the Public Sector Governance
Government Information Service
Forensic Science Laboratory
Civil Status Division
External Communications - Civil Aviation Services
Rodrigues Division
15.1 Mauritius Police Force
15.2 Government Printing Department
15.3 Meteorological Services
15.4 Mauritius Prisons Service
16. Deputy Prime Minister's Office, Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities
17. Vice-Prime Minister's Office, Ministry of Finance and Economic Development
Assessment Review Committee
Financial Operations Cadre
Internal Control Cadre
Procurement and Supply Cadre
Central Procurement Board
Statistics Mauritius
Valuation Department
Companies Division
Registrar-General's Department
18. Vice-Prime Minister's Office, Ministry of Public Infrastructure, National Development Unit, Land Transport and Shipping
Public Infrastructure Division
National Development Unit
Land Transport Division
Shipping Division
National Transport Authority
19. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade
20. Ministry of Housing and Lands
21. Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Reform Institutions
22. Ministry of Education and Human Resources
23. Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security
24. Ministry of Environment and sustainable Development
24.1 Environment and Land Use Appeal Tribunal
25. Ministry of Tertiary Education, Science, Research and Technology
26. Ministry of Information and Communication Technology
26.1 Information and Communication Technologies Appeal Tribunal
27. Ministry of Fisheries
28. Ministry of Youth and Sports
29. Ministry of Local Government and Outer Islands
29.1 Government Fire Services
30. Ministry of Arts and Culture
30.1 National Archives Department
31. Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment
32. Attorney-General's Office
33. Ministry of Tourism and Leisure
34. Ministry of Health and Quality of Life
35. Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection
36. Ministry of Social Integration and Economic Empowerment
37. Ministry of Business, Enterprise and Cooperatives
38. Ministry of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare
39. Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms
40. Workmen's Group
EOAC Master Salary Conversion Table